Ketogenic Diet

The Ketogenic Diet (KD) is very high in fat. Consequently, it is low in carbohydrate. Protein is kept at an acceptable level, generally the RDA’s (Recommended Dietary Allowances) for the patient’s age/weight. During the course of treatment, patients will be required to take vitamin/mineral supplements. Other supplements will be recommended as deemed necessary. The diet is prescribed by “ratios”, which describe the amount of fat given in comparison to the amount of carbohydrate and protein given. For example:

2:1 KD  =  2 grams fat : 1 gram (protein + carbohydrate).

The final ratio prescribed will be determined by blood ketone levels and tolerance to the diet. If following a strict KD, each meal will be pre-planned on Clients will be trained to use this website, and meals will be monitored by the dietitian. As clients become more savvy about meal planning, they may gradually transition to a...

Modified Ketogenic Diet or Modified Atkins Diet

Modified Ketogenic Diets and Modified Atkins Diets are more flexible forms of the Ketogenic Diet, most often thought of in terms of “macros” or macronutrients (Fat, Protein, and Carbohydrate).

Specific ‘macro’ goals are determined by the dietitian and each client may track their meals using an online tool if desired. Ketones and glucose are still monitored and if sufficient ketosis is not achieved, clients may desire to transition to a more calculated Ketogenic Diet.

The Registered Dietitian will assist you with: